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Unlocking Her Wild Side

"Learn how to ignite your partner's deepest sexual desire and passion so she literally begs you for sex..."

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unlocking her wild side program

Are you the one who normally initiates sex in your relationship?

Does your partner have a lower sex drive than you, and is she less open to trying new things in the bedroom?

In this amazing video program, you'll learn the secrets to unlock her wild side so that she becomes the one who craves sex from you.

Through the use of simple, practical & psychological techniques you'll ignite a side of your partner that is more sexual and more passionate. And your bedroom will never be the same again.


Erotic Massage Mastery

"The Secret Massage Techniques That Turn Any Woman Into The Mood For Sex"

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unlocking her wild side program

Have you ever wanted sex but your girl wasn't in the mood?

Erotic Massage Mastery will unlock her sexual desire for you, and get her dripping wet for sex even when she's not in the mood.

This includes Laura's proven foreplay sequence for getting your girl mentally and physically ready to have her first ever squirting orgasm.

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Truly Loving Orgasms

"The Ultimate Guide To Giving The Woman You Love Orgasms That Will Open Her Heart"

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unlocking her wild side program

If you truly love and care about the woman you're with then you probably want to give her an orgasm that will open her heart - An orgasm that she deserves!

In our new guide "Truly Loving Orgasms" we'll show you exactly how to open her heart with the kind of orgasms that she desperately wants from you.

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About School of Squirt

We're Andrew & Isabel, founders of Sexual Quantum Leap and School of Squirt - the most popular squirting program in the world established in 2013.

Our mission is to help worthy guys master the secrets to giving the woman they love the greatest orgasms of her life.

We launched our School of Squirt program over 8 years ago, and quickly became known in the adult industry as "the only experts in squirting".

With 180,000 monthly visitors and hundreds of men and women attending our live training seminars all over the world, we love teaching our happy students how to give their girl the greatest orgasms of her life using the secret 'Pump-Release Technique'.

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Andrew and Isabel

Founders of School of Squirt

Worried your girl can't squirt? Don't be...

Have you seen video clips of women having intense squirting orgasms online and thought to yourself, "I wonder if my girl can do that too...?"

The answer is: Yes, your woman can squirt ... and she WANTS you to help her squirt do it.

It surprised me too, but as I got better and better and was able to make women squirt stronger and longer, I discovered that within just two sessions EVERY woman squirts. And I'm not special, I just have the knowledge and the practice.

Science reveals that squirting is your woman's way to clean and refresh her sexual organs which means it's healthy as well as natural to make her squirt. It's just how your woman's body works - otherwise why would any woman be able to squirt?

And it's fun!

(But you must be willing to emotionally support and nurture her after you help her squirt for the first time. If you're not willing to support your woman, this online training is not for you.)

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  • Quickly master Laura's secret 'Pump-Release Technique' proven to trigger any girl into having the greatest orgasms of her life, step-by-step

  • Make your girl dripping wet using Laura's proven foreplay sequence so she's ready for her first ever squirting orgasm

  • Effortlessly get through her clench zone, into her squirt zone, and make her squirt with full body ecstasy

  • Trigger an love hormone rush that wipes out any other guy from your girl's mind

  • Take things to the next level by giving her multiple squirting orgasms

  • Continue to make her squirt during penetration using the secret squirting sex position

  • Watch her become addicted to

    the orgasms only YOU can give her

  • Perfect the 'Pump-Release Technique' to guarantee she fully lets herself go and squirts more liquid than either you or her thought possible

  • See her look at you in a way she's never looked at you before (you'll feel like a SEX GOD)

  • Fulfill her deepest, most primal desire so she surrenders herself to you and never compares you to another guy again

  • Make her squirt faster, and faster each and every time to try, to the point where you don't need foreplay and can make her squirt on command

  • Become her One In A Billion: The Man Who Made Her Squirt

  • Watch her fall deeply and desperately in love with you over and over again

Over 100,000 happy customers...

Your Questions Answered

What is Our Guarantee?

The guarantee is simple – order the system on the next page, log-in, and consume all the course content. Then, if you don’t make your girl squirt the first time you try… AND multiple times after that, then you get all your money back. It’s as simple as that. No hassles. No questions. Just send us an email and we’ll refund your money instantly. Again, no questions, no hassles. It’s very simple. But we don’t think you’re going to want to because if you do even HALF as well as 99% of our students, then you’re going to be VERY VERY impressed.

What Payment Methods Do We Accept?

You can order instantly through our 256 bit SSL encrypted payment page with either Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express Credit or Debit Cards.

Got Questions?

We’re happy to answer them, ping us an email at – we’re here to help and we want to make sure you’re satisfied both before your purchase and after. We pride ourselves for our world class customer support and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.

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